At Side Hustle Socks, we hustle your sock yarn into tubes for socks! and scarves! and cowls! and neckwarmers! and leggings! You give us your sock yarn, and we return a detailed pattern along with your hand cranked 60 or 84-stitch stockinette tube. We don’t knit the heels, toes, or cuffs; we leave that fun to you. In a couple of evenings, you can turn the tube into a lovely pair of socks.

It all started when we observed that knitters love sock yarn, and love to give special socks to knit-worthy friends and loved ones. We see a beautiful skein of yarn and think, “That would be perfect for my sister,” or “Those are Tom’s team colors. He’d love a pair of socks from that yarn,” or “Oh, I love those colors. I’ll make myself a pair of socks.” Then reality hits. It takes a lot of time to knit a pair of socks. We thought, what if we could cut the time of knitting socks to hours?

We crank your yarn into a tube…
…and you add the heels, toes, and cuffs.

We’re mobile, and we host events, classes, and private parties in many venues. Our upcoming events page has our schedule. Email us at for more information.