Invite your friends, we’ll bring the circular knitting machine and you can socialize or knit while we work.  

  • Invite up to ten guests.
  • Each guest brings at least one skein of fingering weight yarn for us to turn into a tube.
  • We’ll crank the tubes while you socialize, knit, have your book club, drink your favorite beverage, or whatever.
  • Each guest will take home their tube, as well as a detailed pattern for turning that tube into socks or mitts.
  • We will need a chair and small table to set up a winding station, and space for our machine which is about the size of a school desk.
  • If guests want multiple skeins cranked into tubes, we can make arrangements to get their tubes to them.
  • As the host, your first skein will be cranked for free, and of course you’ll get the pattern too.
  • Cost is $20/skein, minimum 10 skeins.
  • Email us at for answers to your questions and to schedule your party.